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Taming The Player

Amateurs In Love book 2

It was only supposed to be one night. But one night turned into two, and before they knew it, those two nights became every night.

Sierra thought that she had it all figured out. Back before Braden started throwing wrenches in her perfect plans and inserting himself into parts of her life that he had no business being involved in. With that familiar, arrogant grin, he dug himself under her skin too far to be pulled out. But that was before he let her go. Before he broke whatever they had spent months building together.

Braden wasn’t expecting to fall in love with her. And he definitely wasn’t expecting to sit back and let her move across the country without him, heartbroken and alone. Now she’s gone, and Braden has some making up to do.

Three weeks later, Sierra has thrown herself back into her work, trying to forget about him. She didn’t think that she would see him again, let alone find him waiting for her on the roof of her new apartment. But there he is, and he wants a second chance. He wants to start over.

Is it possible for a broken heart to ever fully heal? And if it can, will it ever grow to be as strong? With their future a giant question mark, can they make it work this time?


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