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  • When are the rest of the Amateurs In Love books releasing?
    At the moment, I only have plans for Clare and Max. Their story is coming in 2024. Clayton and Sophie, and Gretchen and Mack are not at the forefront of my plans currently, but never say never ;)
  • What happened to Matt & Morgan?
    Matt and Morgan are, unfortunately, a couple that were sacrificed for the success of the other couples and their stories. To help with having too many characters, they were written off between Blissful Hook and Vital Blindside. To make up for the lack of them in the novella and Vital Blindside, I will release a novella for them in the fall of this year (2023).
  • When are your books being translated?
    Both the Swift Hat-Trick trilogy and the Greatest Love series are currently being translated into many languages. Russian, Hebrew, and Italian are currently in the works.
  • Will I see you at any book signings?
    I hope so! I have a list of signings on my website including both 2023 + 2024.
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